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We believe that without respecting all our stakeholders there can be no Reliance. We acknowledge that there may be a difference of perspectives but there must always be respect.

Reliance for All: Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Our journey of diversity and inclusion has enabled us to achieve more. The Reliance family has people from diverse nationalities, culture, gender, abilities, generations and experiences, coming together to create a comprehensive workplace environment where each one is provided with an opportunity to participate, contribute and grow.

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Our Mission: Your Growth

Learnign 1
Step Up

A highly focused program to prepare high potential employees to be skill ready for their transition to next-level leadership roles in the organization.

The program uses diagnostics to assess participants and adopts a blended learning methodology. Numerous employees have been supported to equip them to take up critical and challenging positions in the organization.

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Learnign 2

RIL’s capability building vehicle that focuses on building both technical and functional capabilities along with behavioural and leadership capabilities.

Functional and technical capability building is anchored by 12 business embedded academies.

Behavioural and Leadership Capability Building is run as an integrated, organization wide agenda with emphasis on People Manager Capability Building along with Leadership and high potential employee development.

R-University uses a blend of different approaches and methodologies to make learning both engaging and effective for all our learners. It leverages new age tools and technologies to enable all our employees learn on the go. Its four key learning interventions are:

  • Base Camp: New Hire Learning
  • Ascender: Soft Skills Development
  • Great People Skills: People Manager Capability
  • STAR Trek: Bespoke Initiatives for high calibre employees
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Learnign 3

A unique initiative dedicated to Reliance’s culture of continuous learning and career development.

As part of RIL’s annual dedication to Reliance’s culture of continuous learning and career development, SPECTRUM offers employees a plethora of learning and development opportunities over a duration of one week from immersive technologies to byte sized modules.

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Ever imagined that used PET bottles can be recycled to craft a fashion statement?

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Holistic Wellness

At Reliance, we believe that our employees are the most important component of our success. We consciously invest in the health of our employees and are committed to equip them in leading happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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Swasthya 1
Swasthaya 2


Fostering a culture of gratitude and appreciation has always been core to our organizational DNA.

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Societal Impact

Through the Reliance Foundation, we have significantly contributed and made measurable progress towards our vision of an inclusive India. Moving well beyond our business activities, we strive to create a positive societal impact through diverse community engagement initiatives.

Led by Smt. Nita M. Ambani, Reliance Foundation was set up in 2010 to provide impetus to various philanthropic initiatives of RIL. The efforts of the group have already touched the lives of more than 35 million people across India in more than 20,000 villages and several urban locations.

The Foundation has a comprehensive development approach. Its prime objective is to create and support meaningful activities through innovative institutions to address some of India’s most pressing developmental challenges. The Foundation lays significant emphasis on leveraging technology for developmental solutions. Following its model of direct engagement, the Foundation directly reaches out to the affected communities through trained professionals.

Over the years, Reliance Foundation’s initiatives have continued to evolve, while remaining responsive to the ever-changing needs of society. The Foundation is currently focusing on creating change in areas of Rural Transformation, Health, Education, Sports for Development, Disaster Response, Arts, Culture & Heritage and Urban Renewal.

To maximize its reach and improve outcomes, Reliance Foundation has also established strategic partnerships with organizations that have the technical expertise and experience to undertake various programmes in the identified focus areas of operation.

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Towards a more sustainable future


We have invested in several innovative renewable energy generation initiatives such as Algae to Oil and Jatropha-based biodiesel. We have also installed rooftop solar photo voltaic modules and biogas generation facilities across several of our manufacturing sites.

We are recycling about 2 Billion PET bottles a year. Taking it a step further, we are creating value from waste. Recron Green Gold Polyester Staple fibre is produced by a highly eco-friendly process; apart from being made from 100% recycled PET bottles, it also uses 90% recycled water.

Through a unique partnership with Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and Gujarat Ecological Commission, RIL is involved in setting up the National Centre for Marine Biodiversity (NCMB) - India's first Centre of Excellence for the study of India's coastal biodiversity at Jamnagar.

Additionally, our Jamnagar site is home to Asia’s largest mango orchard in arid land.

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Environment Responsibility
Energy Management


We have taken decisive steps to improve energy efficiency in our operations.

A dedicated team works relentlessly to identify and implement energy conservation initiatives, resource optimisation and renewable energy projects at all RIL’s manufacturing sites. Some of the energy efficiency initiatives include:

  • Enhanced heat recovery by revamping of air preheaters to recover more energy from flue gases.
  • Improved heat rate by uprating Gas Turbines.
  • Installation of advanced technologies like Divided Wall Column (DWC).

RIL has registered eight CDM projects with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). These projects are related to energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and cleaner fuels.

Our refineries have continued to remain in top quartile performance based on Solomon’s energy intensity index. Key strengths as per Solomon study are energy efficiency, operational availability and utilised processing complexity.

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At Reliance, business priorities co-exist with social commitments and our activities support inclusive growth.

Reliance reviews the environmental, health and safety impacts of its products continuously to ensure that they do not pose any risks to people and environment. A few such products that incorporate social and environmental impacts include:

  • Reliance’s geotextiles and geogrids products have been successfully used in stabilisation of railway tracks in different regions.
  • Mulch film has been used for cotton cultivation at different places resulting in better growth of plants, enhancing productivity.
  • Recron Green Gold is one of the green textile fibers, which reduces its own carbon footprint by 28% over last two years. It has been certified as ‘Greenest Textile fibre in the World' by SGS Hong Kong.
  • RelWoodTM is a superior product that looks and feels like wood but is much stronger. It is made using patented German technology that blends Material Sciences with Interfacial Sciences.
  • Our specialty polymer formulations help make durable all-weather pipes that help transport water wherever it is needed.
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Product Stewardship
Occupational Health and Safety

Health and Safety

All our manufacturing sites have adopted Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.

All our manufacturing sites have adopted Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OHSAS-18001).

A unique initiative called ‘Task Based Health Risk Assessment’ (TBHRA) focuses on identifying health and safety risks to arrive at an employee level health risk profile.

We have implemented an initiative, ‘REFERS’ (Reliance Employee & Family Emergency Response Services) which offers 24x7 assistance in case of any medical accident, fire and security exigencies for our employees and their family members.

“R-Swasthya” is a health & wellness initiative aims to create a culture where our employees choose to live healthier lifestyles.

To overcome emerging mental health issues, we undertook an ambitious project ‘WISH’ (Work life Improvement for Safety and Health) on work life balance to focus on emotional health as a part of resilience management.

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