Career Acceleration Program (CAP)

Career Acceleration Program (CAP) is a flagship program aimed at identifying high calibre employees and grooming them for future leadership roles. It supports accelerated career progression through targeted development interventions like exposure to high impact critical projects, visibility to senior leaders at RIL, mentoring, special assignments and early access to leadership training.

Program Benefits

CAP selects become part of a cadre of future Reliance leaders

Feedback on strengths and development areas, access to experiential and behavioural development workshops including sessions at The Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad

A unique opportunity for the participants to interact with senior leaders through exclusive networking opportunities and other forums

The participants go through an intensive 2+ years structured development journey with interventions based on 3E framework (Education, Experience and Exposure)

Hands-on mentorship where each participant is assigned a mentor (a senior leader from the function/business) to guide the candidate over a two-year period

Annual Talent Review (ATR)

Annual Talent Review (ATR) is the founding step in identification of high calibre employees. Potential assessment and development planning for all mid to senior level employees is undertaken as part of the process. Career Conversations between employees and managers forms the cornerstone of the process; supported by open and honest feedback conversations in the spirit of Excellence, Integrity, Respect and One Team.

Internal Job Posting (IJP) as a growth tool

Internal Job Posting is aimed at providing multiple and diverse growth opportunities to our employees. An open and transparent process aimed at selecting the right talent for the right job forms the lynchpin of the IJP process. Key highlights of the process includes:

  • Process is designed to help promote meritocracy and transparency within the organization
  • Enables access to diverse set of opportunities across the Reliance conglomerate
  • Enables personalized and democratic choices to employees for growing within the organization


FLYER program is a “Structured Development Intervention” to equip Reliance engineers with requisite skills and knowledge to build their careers at Reliance. The key objectives of the program are following:

Identification and fast-track development of high potential engineering talent

To build commercial and business acumen among engineering talent to groom them as effective technical leaders

The program aims to provide a continuous learning experience for the candidates by driving learning through a series of events, activities and experiences. The total duration of the program is 9 months.The program can be categorized into 3 broad components:

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On-campus Component

On-campus Component comprises of classroom lectures, case studies, group exercises, videos etc. at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B) for 6 weeks.

Additionally, leaders from Reliance shall also co-facilitate by visiting the campus on an ongoing basis, and by sharing business cases and insights about their area/domain with the participants.

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs comprise a mix of videos, practice problems, quizzes, graded assignments, discussion forums etc.

At the end of the course, the candidates shall also be rated basis his/her completion of assessments built in the MOOCs.

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Action Learning Project (ALP)

The participants, as a part of the program, shall be required to take up a project across Reliance in consultation with faculty mentors and Reliance leaders.

The duration of project work is 3 months. The project work may be at the same location or different location from the participant’s base location. On conclusion of the project work, there shall be a project evaluation session, where participants shall present their work to a panel comprising campus partner faculty and Reliance leaders.

The program structure is designed to provide continuous and holistic learning through relevant Education, Experience, Exposure and Environment.

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