Envisioning diversity through structured practices and policies

Ethical Governance

We have established a policy on the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. This aligns with current legal mandates, in particular the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

Compliance with The Sexual Harassment

On-campus Emergency Helpline

Unfortunate events in life can come calling at any time! At Reliance, employees can count on the On-campus Helpline for Emergencies while at the workplace.

Self-defense Workshops

Self-defense is a practical and handy way to protect oneself. Self-defense workshops for women colleagues are periodically organized on request in collaboration with the security team.

Self-defense workshops for women colleagues

Reliance Employee & Family Emergency Response Service

Reliance offers a 24/7 dedicated family emergency helpline for employees and their family members for any kind of accidents and exigencies.

Delivering an inclusive
experience to all employees

Thoughtful Infrastructure

Our infrastructure and facilities are designed to support and enhance the everyday life of employees with accessible parking spaces, ramps, swipe gates, signage, inclusive medical centers, and child care facilities.

Maternity Benefit Initiatives

We are enabling working mothers and mums-to-be to balance work and life effectively with specific benefits which include special leaves, assistance, designated parking, and New Mothers’ Employee Resource Group.

Fostering an inclusive environment by sensitizing and developing capabilities


Connect, converse and collaborate

R-Aadya is all about diversity at Reliance. We want people of all backgrounds, genders, cultures and abilities to bring their authentic selves at work and contribute towards an inclusive work environment.

Program Initiatives

Awaken the Senses Programme
Dedicated Learning Offerings
R-Aadya Table Talks
Gender Inclusivity Interventions

Thematic Sessions

Knowledge Sessions

by internal and external Subject Matter Experts on inclusion

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