We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Reliance is committed towards ensuring equal opportunity to all applicants and employees. This commitment is reinforced by our Code of Conduct and our Values and Behaviours
The Equal Opportunity Policy is applicable to all job applicants during selection process for employment and employees during employment period and is not limited to salary, increments, promotions, and a conducive work environment.
Reliance ensures that the work environment is free from any discrimination against persons with disabilities, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristics or status that is legally protected.
Further, we will take all actions to ensure that a conducive environment is provided to all employees to perform their role and excel in the same. RIL continuously works towards creating a more enabling workplace through:

1. Inclusive Practices and Policies:

All positions in the company are open to diverse applicants and employees and selection is based on merit. Reliance constantly works towards enhancing existing policies to support inclusion and designing new policies when needed.

2. Inclusive and Accessible Infrastructure for All:

Reliance firmly believes in providing more inclusive and accessible workplace which includes a continuous eff¬ort to improve both infrastructure and digital communication accessibility.

3. Training and Career Development:

The company shall endeavour to provide inclusive training and equal career development opportunities to all employees.
For more details, please read the Equal Opportunity Policy document (PDF).

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

All employees have the responsibility to comply with the Equal Opportunity Policy.
The company’s commitment towards inclusion reflects strongly in the non-discrimination statement, which is a part of the company’s Code of Conduct.
All employees are encouraged to report any incidents of violation of this policy, and Heads of Departments should act promptly when concerns arise, or complaints are filed.
In case of any concern by any employee of the company, that person can write to DiversityInclusion.EO@ril.com.

• In case any of the provisions hereinabove contravenes any law or any instrument having force of law, the law time being in-force shall prevail.
• Wherever the policy is translated in the vernacular language for easy understanding by the employees, if there is any conflict or varied interpretation of the policy in vernacular language, the interpretation of English version shall prevail.

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